Committee on Balance-of-Payments Restrictions - Consultations with Bangladesh - Basic Document Supplied by Bangladesh
World Trade Organization WT/BOP/G/14 2 May 2007 (07-1818) Committee on Balance-of-Payments Restrictions Original: English CONSULTATIONS WITH bangladesh Basic Document Supplied by Bangladesh Bangladesh economy has been showing a steady economic growth and macro economic stability for the last five years despite adverse ecological conditions and political uncertainties; unexpected price hike of oil and essential imported commodities; stiff competition for exports and decrease of foreign aid. The GDP growth in FY 2005-06 was 6.71 per cent which is one of the highest growths in the last three decades. Concurrently, GDP per capita has risen from US$ 367 in 1999/2000 to US$ 456 in 2005/06. Sustained growth coupled with increase in exports and remittance led to the gradual improvement in the fiscal balance and the balance-of-payment position. Furthermore, stronger state action and civic activism allowed for considerable improvement of social indicators.