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Council for Trade in Services - Special Session - Communication from Mexico
World Trade Organization TN/S/31 17 April 2007 (07-1539) Council for Trade in Services Special Session Original: English COMMUNICATION FROM MEXICO The following communication, dated 3 April 2007, addressed to the Chairman of the Special Session of the Council for Trade in Services, has been received from the Minister of the Economy of Mexico with the request that it be circulated to all participants. _______________ I would like to express my gratitude for your bold efforts to facilitate consultations among WTO Members and for your leadership in vigorously maintaining moving the negotiating process in the services area. I am convinced that the Doha Development Agenda is in a crucial moment, and that now is the time for definitions, political will and decisions, particularly from the main actors. I wish to reiterate to you the firm and determined support of Mexico and its commitment to trade liberalization as a way to foster economic growth