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Working Party on GATS Rules - Subsidies for Services Sectors - Information Contained in WTO Trade Policy Reviews - Background Note by the Secretariat - Addendum
作者:WTO Secretariat
World Trade Organization S/WPGR/W/25/Add.5 27 March 2007 (07-1266) Working Party on GATS Rules SUBSIDIES FOR SERVICES SECTORS INFORMATION CONTAINED IN WTO TRADE POLICY REVIEWS Background Note by the Secretariat Addendum INTRODUCTION This Note provides an update of the information on subsidies in services contained in Trade Policy Reviews. It complements the information provided in S/WPGR/W/25 as well as in Add. 1 to 4, and covers 51 Reviews carried out since the last update in February 2004 (WT/TPR/S/129 to 179). Relevant new information has been added, in italics, in the overview table already contained in the previous documents (Table 1). As explained in the preceding Notes, the compilation of information from TPR reports necessarily suffers from certain limitations due to the particular focus of these reports. It also needs to be kept in mind that, while this Note compiles potentially relevant information against the background of the d