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Update of WTO Dispute Settlement Cases - New Developments since Last Update (from 10 October 2006 until 5 January 2007)
作者:WTO Secretariat
WT/DS207 – Chile – Price Band System and Safeguard Measures Relating to Certain Agricultural Products Complaint by Argentina. On 5 October 2000, Argentina requested consultations with Chile concerning: the price band system established by Law 18.525 (as subsequently amended by Law 18.591 and Law 19.546), as well as implementing regulations and complementary and/or amending provisions; and the provisional safeguard measures adopted on 19 November 1999 by Decree No. 339 of the Ministry of Economy and the definitive safeguard measures imposed on 20 January 2000 by Decree No. 9 of the Ministry of Economy on the importation of various products, including wheat, wheat flour and edible vegetal oils. Argentina considered that these measures raised questions concerning the obligations of Chile under various agreements. According to Argentina, the provisions with which the measures relating to the said price band system are inconsistent, include, but are not limited to, the following: Art