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Committee on Trade-Related Investment Measures - Notification under Article 5.1 of the Agreement on Trade-Related Investment Measures - Saudi Arabia
作者:Saudi Arabia
World Trade Organization Organisation Mondiale du Commerce Organización Mundial del Comercio G/TRIMS/N/1/SAU/1 13 October 2006 (06-4954) Committee on Trade-Related Investment Measures Original: English/ anglais/ inglés NOTIFICATION UNDER ARTICLE 5.1 OF THE AGREEMENT ON TRADE-RELATED INVESTMENT MEASURES Saudi Arabia The following communication, dated 3 October 2006, has been received from the Delegation of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. _______________ The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has not applied and does not apply any trade-related investment measures that are inconsistent with the provisions of the TRIMs Agreement. __________________________________________________________________________________ Comité des mesures concernant les investissements et liées au commerce NOTIFICATION AU TITRE DE L'ARTICLE 5:1 DE L'ACCORD SUR LES MESURES CONCERNANT LES INVESTISSEMENTS ET LIÉES AU COMMERCE Arabie saoudite La communication ciaprès, daté