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Working Party on GATS Rules - Communication from the European Communities - Government Procurement in Services
作者:European Communities
World Trade Organization S/WPGR/W/54 20 June 2006 (06-3010) Working Party on GATS Rules Original: English Communication from the european communities Government Procurement in Services The following communication, dated 19 June 2006, from the delegation of the European Communities is being circulated to the Members of the Working Party on GATS Rules. _______________ In its communications on government procurement in services of July 2002, May 2003, May 2004 and June 2005, the European Communities (hereinafter the EC) submitted proposals for a framework that could be developed under the GATS, including an Annex to the GATS on procedural rules for government procurement and the possibility to make specific commitments in GATS Schedules to open up to international competition government procurement in services. These communications underlined the flexibility of such framework and the benefits that could be drawn from it. The underlying princi