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Protocol Amending the TRIPS Agreement Done at Geneva on 6 December 2005 - Notification of Acceptance
作者:WTO Secretariat
Reference: WLI/100 22 December 2005 PROTOCOL AMENDING THE TRIPS AGREEMENT DONE AT GENEVA ON 6 DECEMBER 2005 NOTIFICATION OF ACCEPTANCE I have the honour to inform you that on 17 December 2005 the Government of the United States accepted the above-mentioned Protocol (the "Protocol"). In accordance with paragraph 4 of the Protocol, the Protocol shall enter into force for the United States upon acceptance of the Protocol by two thirds of the Members. This notification is furnished in accordance with paragraph 5 of the Protocol. Pascal Lamy Director-General 05-6229 WT/Let/506 WTO OMC Page 2 World Trade Organization Organisation Mondiale du Commerce Organización Mundial del Comercio Centre William Rappard Rue de Lausanne 154 Case postale CH - 1211 Genève 21 Téléphone: (+41 22) 739 51 11 Fax: (+41 22) 731 42 06 In