Negotiating Group on Rules - Draft Ministerial Declaration on Rules (AD/SCM Including Fisheries Subsidies) - Note from the Chairman
作者:WTO Secretariat
World Trade Organization TN/RL/W/195 22 November 2005 (05-5521) Negotiating Group on Rules DRAFT MINISTERIAL DECLARATION ON RULES (AD/SCM INCLUDING FISHERIES SUBSIDIES) Note from the Chairman The following draft text, which has been developed during extensive and detailed consultations in the Negotiating Group on Rules, is submitted to the Chairman of the Trade Negotiations Committee by the Chairman of the Negotiating Group on Rules on his own responsibility. _______________ Ministers: acknowledge that the achievement of substantial results on all aspects of the Rules mandate, in the form of amendments to the AD and SCM Agreements, is important to the development of the rules-based multilateral trading system and to the overall balance of results in the DDA; aim to achieve in the negotiations on Rules further improvements, in particular, to the transparency, predictability and clarity of the relevant disciplines, to the benefit of all Member