Draft - Report (1998) of the Committee on Market Access
作者:WTO Secretariat
World Trade Organization RESTRICTED G/MA/SPEC/9 23 November 1998 (98-4688) Committee on Market Access DRAFT REPORT (1998) OF THE COMMITTEE ON MARKET ACCESS The Committee on Market Access held four formal meetings in 1998: on 26 March, 18 June, 22 September and 27 November 1998. The minutes of these meetings are contained in documents G/MA/M/13 to G/MA/M/[16]. In addition, two periodic reports giving an overview of the issues discussed in the Committee and providing factual information related to the requests for waivers, both for the introduction of HS96 changes and for the transposition of schedules into the Harmonized System are contained in document G/MA/59 and G/MA/60. At its meeting of 18 June 1998 the Committee took note of the nomination of Mr. Ole Lundby of Norway as Chairman of the Committee for the current year and elected him by acclamation. On 22 September, the Committee agreed not to elect a ViceChairperson during the present term, w