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Working Party on Domestic Regulation - Annual Report of the Working Party on Domestic Regulation to the Council for Trade in Services (2005)
作者:WTO Secretariat
World Trade Organization S/WPDR/8 23 September 2005 (05-4209) ANNUAL REPORT OF THE WORKING PARTY ON DOMESTIC REGULATION TO THE COUNCIL FOR TRADE IN SERVICES (2005) Since the Annual Report of 2004, the Working Party on Domestic Regulation (WPDR) held three formal meetings and four informal meetings. Both formal and informal papers were submitted to the Working Party. Some Members also submitted proposals in the form of room documents. At the formal meeting held on 22 June 2005, Members approved the appointment of Mr. Peter Govindasamy of Singapore as the new Chairman of the WPDR, replacing the previous Chairman, Mr. David Cairns of the United Kingdom. I. ORGANIZATION OF WORK In the period covered by this report, the Working Party received several submissions by Members on the development of regulatory disciplines under GATS Article VI:4. At the formal meeting on 22 June 2005, the Chairman gave an overview of the informal meetings held on 31 March and