Sub-Committee on Cotton - Summary Report on the Fifth Meeting of the Sub-Committee on Cotton Held on 18 July 2005 - Note by the Secretariat
作者:WTO Secretariat
World Trade Organization RESTRICTED TN/AG/SCC/R/5 22 September 2005 (05-4204) Sub-Committee on Cotton SUMMARY REPORT ON THE FIFTH MEETING OF THE SUB-COMMITTEE ON COTTON HELD ON 18 JULY 2005 Note by the Secretariat The Sub-Committee on Cotton, which was established by the Committee on Agriculture, Special Session at its formal meeting on 19 November 2004 in accordance with the instruction resulting from the decision on the Doha Work Programme adopted on 1 August 2004 by the General Council (WT/L/579, refers), held its fifth meeting on 18 July 2005 under the chairmanship of Mr. Tim Groser. The agenda as contained in WTO/AIR/2620 was adopted. Item A: Assessment of Progress in the Agriculture Special Session Statement by the Chairman Under this agenda item the Chairman gave his assessment of progress in the agriculture negotiations with a particular focus on cotton. A summary of the statement made by the Chairman is attached to this report (see Annex 1