Article XXVIII.5 Negotiations - Schedule V - Canada
World Trade Organization No. ___________ G/SECRET/10 8 June 1998 (98-2335) Original: English ARTICLE XXVIII:5 NEGOTIATIONS Schedule V – Canada The following communication, dated 2 June 1998, has been received from the Permanent Mission of Canada. _________________ My authorities have instructed me to submit the attached notification with the request that it be circulated to Members. _______________ Copies of the documentation are available in electronic form (Microsoft Word). It is also available in paper form from the Market Access Division. (Ms. Wood, Office 3142, Tel: 739 50 79). Article XXVIII Negotiations Schedule V – Canada In accordance with the provisions and procedures of Article XXVIII of GATT 1994, and pursuant to Canada's communication G/MA/5 of 19 December 1996, Canada hereby notifies that it intends to modify or withdraw certain concessions on items included in the WTO Schedule V - Canada. The Government of Canada is pre