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Working Party on Domestic Regulation - Report of the Meeting Held on 22 June 2005 - Note by the Secretariat
作者:WTO Secretariat
World Trade Organization RESTRICTED S/WPDR/M/30 6 September 2005 (05-3873) Working Party on Domestic Regulation REPORT OF THE MEETING HELD ON 22 JUNE 2005 Note by the Secretariat The Working Party on Domestic Regulation (WPDR) held its thirtieth meeting on 22 June 2005. The meeting was opened by the outgoing Chairman, Mr. David Cairns of the United Kingdom and continued under the chairmanship of the newly elected Chairman, Mr. Peter Govindasamy of Singapore. The agenda for the meeting was contained in Airgram WTO/AIR/2594/Rev.1, dated 16 June 2005. The Chairman drew attention to a Communication from the Chairperson, circulated as JOB(05)/117, dated 17 June 2005, on how he planned to structure this meeting. In his Communication he noted that, since the last formal meeting, the Working Party had met in informal mode twice, on 31 March, and 2 May, 2005. At those meetings, a number of new proposals and other papers had been tabled, some of them informal