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Council for Trade in Services - Special Session - Communication from Australia - Transparency Template - Australia's Revised Horizontal Mode 4 Offer
World Trade Organization TN/S/W/48 30 June 2005 (05-2824) Council for Trade in Services Special Session Original: English COMMUNICATION FROM AUSTRALIA Transparency Template - Australia’s Revised Horizontal Mode 4 Offer The following communication, dated 30 June 2005, from the delegation of Australia is being circulated to the Members of the Council for Trade in Services. _______________ Australia promotes greater transparency of horizontal mode 4 commitments through the use of a transparency template as proposed by Canada. The attached template provides electronic links to Australia’s immigration laws, regulations, policies and administrative guidelines relevant to Australia’s current horizontal commitments and revised offer covering mode 4. The details collated and included in the template provides links to readily available information that will give a detailed understanding of the comprehensive nature of Australia’s horizontal commitment