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Trade in Services - Barbados - Draft Consolidated Schedule of Specific Commitments - Revision
World Trade Organization S/DCS/W/BRB/Rev.1 1 June 2005 (05-2224) Trade in Services BARBADOS Draft consolidated Schedule of Specific Commitments Revision Attached is the revised version of the draft consolidated Schedule of Specific Commitments of Barbados in word format. This document does not substitute for the legally binding commitments undertaken by Barbados in its Schedule of Specific Commitments (GATS/SC/9; GATS/SC/9/Suppl.1) The draft consolidated version of the Schedule was prepared by the Secretariat, at the request of Members, to facilitate the process of negotiations, including the presentation of initial offers. The revised document contains corrections to entries relating to the telecommunications section of the schedule (2. COMMUNICATION SERVICES, C. Telecommunication Services), on pages 3-6. Pages 3-5, C. Telecommunication Services; the word "CPC" has been removed from all sectoral entries. Page 3, C. Telecommunication