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Draft Report of the Working Party on the Accession of Albania - Revision

draft report of the working party

on the accession of albania





1.           In November 1992, the Government of Albania requested accession to the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT 1947). At the 48th Session in December 1992, the GATT 1947 CONTRACTING PARTIES established a Working Party to examine the application of the Government of Albania to accede to the General Agreement under Article XXXIII, and to submit to the Council recommendations which may include a draft Protocol of Accession.  Membership of the Working Party was open to all contracting parties indicating the wish to serve on it.  Having regard to the Decision adopted by the General Council on 31 January 1995, the GATT 1947 Accession Working Party was transformed into a WTO Accession Working Party.  The terms of reference and the membership of the Working Party are reproduced in document WT/ACC/ALB/3.

2.           The Working Party met on 29-30 April, 29 October 1996; 2 October 1998;  27 January 1999, 13 April 1999; 9 July 1999 and [… ] under the Chairmanship of Mr. A. Pinto de Lemos (Portugal).