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Trade in Services - The People's Republic of China - Draft Consolidated Schedule of Specific Commitments
作者:The People's Republic of China
World Trade Organization S/DCS/W/CHN/Corr.1 1 March 2005 (05-0848) Trade in Services THE PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF CHINA Draft consolidated Schedule of Specific Commitments Corrigendum The delegation of China has notified an omission in its draft consolidated Schedule of Specific Commitments, document S/DCS/W/CHN, concerning the entry on "B. Travel Agency and Tour Operator (CPC 7471)" on pages 39-40. The following text is added at the end of the scheduled limitations to market access, under Mode 3: "Chinese travel agency/tour operator." The relevant pages of the document after correction are attached for reference. _______________ Modes of supply: (1) Cross-border supply (2) Consumption abroad (3) Commercial presence (4) Presence of natural persons Sector or Sub-sector Limitations on Market Access Limitations on National Treatment Additional Commitments B. Travel Agency and Tour Operator (CPC 7471) ( 1) None ( 2) None