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Council for Trade in Services - Typology of the Bilateral Air Services Agreements containing Leasing Provisions - Note by the Secretariat
World Trade Organization RESTRICTED S/C/W/182 30 November 2000 (00-5161) Council for Trade in Services TYPOLOGY OF THE BILATERAL AIR SERVICES AGREEMENTS CONTAINING LEASING PROVISIONS Note by the Secretariat At the 28-29 September meeting of the Council for Trade in Services devoted to the review mandated under paragraph 5 of the Air Transport Annex, the Secretariat was requested to prepare, with the help of ICAO, a typology of bilateral air services agreements containing leasing provisions according to the three categories described in paragraph 168 of document S/C/W/163, that is to say: - Agreements requiring simple notification of the lease to the competent authorities; - agreements authorizing the lease from a third party only on the condition that this third party does not derive any economic benefit from the bilateral agreement; - agreements demanding, in addition to the preceding conditions, "appropriate authority" (i.e the underly