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Council for Trade in Services - Excerpts from the OECD Document "Principles for the Liberalization of Air Cargo" - Note by the Secretariat
World Trade Organization S/C/W/181 27 November 2000 (00-5053) Council for Trade in Services EXCERPTS FROM THE OECD DOCUMENT "PRINCIPLES FOR THE LIBERALIZATION OF AIR CARGO" Note by the Secretariat At the 28-29 September meeting of the Council for Trade in Services devoted to the review mandated under paragraph 5 of the Air Transport Annex, the Secretariat was requested to make available elements of the work undertaken in the OECD on the liberalization of air cargo. The document attached provides excerpts from OECD document DST/DOT(2000)1, dated 6 June 2000 "Principles for the Liberalization of Air Cargo" and describes the main areas of work of the OECD with regard to air cargo. The following documents issued by the OECD, which are available on its website, are also relevant: - A very substantive background note: "Regulatory Reform in International Air Cargo Transportation", document DSTI/DOT(99)1, dated 7 April 1999 (103 pages); - par