Committee on Customs Valuation - Decision Concerning Paragraph 2, Annex III of the Agreement on Customs Valuation - Morocco
World Trade Organization G/VAL/34 4 October 2000 (00-4043) Committee on Customs Valuation DECISION CONCERNING PARAGRAPH 2, ANNEX III OF THE AGREEMENT ON CUSTOMS VALUATION MOROCCO At the meeting of the Committee on 4 July 2000, the Chairman stated his understanding that an agreement regarding the above Decision had been reached informally among Members and that the document containing the draft decision was still under preparation (G/VAL/W/68 and Corr.1). He further stated that "given that the Committee was working under the deadline imposed by the Decision on Reservations in G/VAL/5 which expired today, …the Committee agree that the Secretariat …circulate in the next couple of days the document containing the draft decision and unless any Member raised an objection to this draft decision to either himself or to the Secretariat within five days from the date of circulation of the document, that the decision be adopted as of today's date." Since no