Extension of the Transition Period for the Elimination of Trade-Related Investment Measures Notified under Article 5.1 of the Agreement on Trade-Related Investment Measures - Mexico - Decision of 5 November 2001
World Trade Organization G/L/500 9 November 2001 (01-5519) EXTENSION OF THE TRANSITION PERIOD FOR THE ELIMINATION OF TRADE-RELATED INVESTMENT MEASURES NOTIFIED UNDER ARTICLE 5.1 OF THE AGREEMENT ON TRADE-RELATED INVESTMENT MEASURES MEXICO Decision of 5 November 2001 The Council for Trade in Goods, Having regard to the decision of the Council for Trade in Goods of 31 July 2001 (G/L/463); Noting that Mexico has committed itself to eliminate its remaining TRIMs; Taking note that Mexico has submitted a request for a further extension of the transition period until 31 December 2003 for the elimination of the remaining TRIMs it notified under Article 5.1 of the TRIMs Agreement, accompanied by a description of the steps Mexico has taken to date and/or will take to eliminate its remaining TRIMs; a reasonable phase-out plan for eliminating its remaining TRIMs no later than 31 December 2003, taking into account its development, financial and