Committee on Rules of Origin - Integrated Negotiation Text for the Harmonization Work Programme - Amending Supplement No. 6 - Note by the Secretariat
JOB(00)/7194 17 October 2000 The Committee on Rules of Origin INTEGRATED NEGOTIATION TEXT FOR THE HARMONIZATION WORK PROGRAMME AMENDING SUPPLEMENT NO. 6 1. At its meeting on 10 May 1996, the Committee on Rules of Origin (CRO) decided to establish an Integrated Negotiating Text for the Harmonization Work Programme (INT). The first draft INT was circulated in document G/RO/W/13 and has been periodically updated. The last update was document G/RO/41. 2. The attached loose-leaf document is the latest update of the INT and reflects the progress made by the CRO from 18-29 September 2000. This update, due to technical reasons, contains only the text of the overall architecture. The updated texts of Chapters 50-67 will be circulated as soon as possible. Delegations are kindly requested to substitute the attached pages for the identically-numbered pages contained in document G/RO/41. If the revised text necessitates addition of supplementary pages to a cer