Special Session - WTO: Negotiations on Agriculture - Proposal by Switzerland
World Trade Organization G/AG/NG/W/94 21 December 2000 (00-5614) Committee on Agriculture Special Session Original: French wto: negotiations on agriculture Proposal by Switzerland As a contribution to the negotiation process begun in March 2000, Switzerland submits herewith its preliminary ideas concerning the agenda of the negotiations under Article 20 of the Agreement on Agriculture. Impact of the disciplines of the WTO Agreements on world agricultural trade and agricultural trade in Switzerland 1.1 World trade Since the entry into force of the Uruguay Round Agreements, there have been numerous detailed studies to assess the evolution of world agricultural trade. The summary of the results by the WTO Secretariat points to a general trend towards an increase in agricultural exports which extends, as well, to the developing countries as a group. Some of the developing countries have increased their market shares. Exporters, however, have