Committee on Market Access - Rectifications and Modifications of Schedules - Schedule LXXXIX - Macau, China
作者:Macau, China
World Trade Organization RESTRICTED G/MA/TAR/RS/79 31 May 2001 (01-2725) Committee on Market Access Original: English RECTIFICATIONS AND MODIFICATIONS OF SCHEDULES Schedule LXXXIX – Macau, China The following communication, dated 21 May 2001, has been received from the Government of Macau Special Administrative Region. _______________ Pursuant to the communication on "Trade in Pharmaceutical Products" (G/MA/W/18 of 13 November 1998), in order to provide duty free treatment for additional pharmaceutical products, the Government of Macau Special Administrative Regoin hereby submits the following explanatory note, which should be approved and included in the Schedule LXXXIX of Macau, China. "Customs duties on additional pharmaceutical products, as defined in document G/MA/W/18 containing the revised consolidated version of Annexes I-IV will be bound to zero effective from 1 June 2001." _______________ If no objection is notified to the