Committee on Customs Valuation - Minutes of the Meeting of 25 October 2004
作者:WTO Secretariat
World Trade Organization RESTRICTED G/VAL/M/38 13 December 2004 (04-5473) Committee on Customs Valuation MINUTES OF THE MEETING OF 25 October 2004 Chairmen: Mr. Ivan Lee (Hong Kong China) and Robin Twyman (United Kingdom) The agenda proposed for the meeting, circulated in WTO/AIR/2405 and Add.1 was adopted as follows: I. Election of Officers 2 II. Report of the work of the Technical Committee on Customs Valuation 2 III. Information on Implementation and Administration of the Agreement 2 (i) Notification of national legislation 2 (ii) Notifications made by Developing Country Members 7 IV. Information on the application of decisions of the Committee on Customs Valuation 9 V. Technical Assistance 9 VI. Transitional Review in Accordance with Paragraph 18 of the Protocol on the Accession of the People's Republic of China 10 VII. Report of the Committee to the Council for Trade in Goods 11 VIII. India - Information on Certain Aspects of the European C