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Committee on Regional Trade Agreements - Thirty-Eighth Session - Note on the Meeting of 11 November 2004
作者:WTO Secretariat
World Trade Organization RESTRICTED WT/REG/M/38/Corr.1* 7 December 2004 (04-5361) Committee on Regional Trade Agreements Thirty-Eighth Session NOTE ON THE MEETING OF 11 NOVEMBER 2004 Chairman: Mr. R. Saborío Soto (Costa Rica) Corrigendum Paragraph 24 should read as follows: "24. The Chairman said that the footnote after paragraph 6(i) would read, "This option is introduced on an experimental basis". The Committee took note of the revised guidelines.( He thanked the Committee for co-operation on this issue and said that the amendment to the process was important to make the work of the CRTA more significant. Now it had to be put into practice. He invited RTA Parties in the first phase of their examination to put it into practice according to the proposed option. RTA Parties wishing to make use of the factual presentation prepared by the Secretariat could indicate their willingness to do so either by contacting the Chairman or the Secretari