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Committee on Specific Commitments - Communication from Indonesia - Proposal on Classification of Energy Services - Revision
World Trade Organization RESTRICTED S/CSC/W/42/Rev.1 23 November 2004 (04-5075) Committee on Specific Commitments Original: English COMMUNICATION FROM INDONESIA Proposal on Classification of Energy Services Revision The following communication, dated 19 November 2004, from the delegation of Indonesia, is being circulated to the Members of the Committee on Specific Commitments. _______________ This revised classification of Energy services reflects comments received in the multilateral and bilateral discussions held in the course of this year with interested WTO Members. This paper is submitted without prejudice to Indonesia’s position on this and other service sector negotiations, or on any future offer on this or other sectors. Indonesia reserves the rights to modify this revised proposal at any time. REVISED CLASSIFICATION OF ENERGY SERVICES Note: Italic characters : Refer to additional input from Members Bold characters