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Working Party on GATS - Draft - Annual Report of the Working Party on GATS Rules to the Council for Trade in Services (2004)
作者:WTO Secretariat
World Trade Organization RESTRICTED S/WPGR/W/50 9 November 2004 (04-4757) Working Party on GATS Rules - draft - ANNUAL REPORT OF THE WORKING PARTY ON GATS Rules TO THE COUNCIL FOR TRADE IN SERVICES (2004) Since its annual report for 2003, the Working Party on GATS Rules held five formal meetings: on 2 December 2003, on 10 and 15 March 2004, on 24 March 2004, on 23 June 2004, and on 20 September 2004. While the meeting of 10 and 15 March was specifically devoted to the issue of the deadline for the negotiations under Article XV, the three negotiating mandates the Working Party is entrusted with were put on the agenda of the other meetings: emergency safeguard measures (Article X), government procurement (Article XIII), and subsidies (Article XV). The Working Party also held a number of informal meetings. I. NEGOTIATIONS ON EMERGENCY SAFEGUARD MEASURES UNDER GATS ARTICLE X 2. At the meeting of December 2003, discussions focused on the hypothetical exam