Report (2004) of the Committee on Rules of Origin to the Council for Trade in Goods
作者:WTO Secretariat
World Trade Organization G/L/704 2 November 2004 (04-4665) REPORT (2004) OF THE COMMITTEE ON RULES OF ORIGIN TO THE COUNCIL FOR TRADE IN GOODS This report is being submitted to the CTG in accordance with Article 6.1 of the Agreement on Rules of Origin (the Agreement) , which provides as follows: "The Committee shall review annually the implementation and operation of Parts II and III of this Agreement having regard to its objectives (emphasis added) . The Committee shall annually inform the Council for Trade in Goods of developments during the period covered by such reviews." Since its regular report to the CTG adopted on 3 October 2003 (G/L/656) , the Committee on Rules of Origin (CRO) held three meetings on 17 November 2003 (G/RO/M/44), 14 May 2004 (G/RO/M/45) and 21-22 October 2004 (G/RO/M/46). The CRO elected Ms. Vera Thorstensen (Brazil) as Chairperson and Mr. Tomoyoshi Watanabe (Japan) as Vice-Chairman for 2004-2005. Observer govern