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Matrix on Trade Measures Pursuant to Selected MEAs - Note by the Secretariat
作者:WTO Secretariat
World Trade Organization WT/CTE/W/160 19 September 2000 (00-3701) Committee on Trade and Environment MATRIX ON TRADE MEASURES PURSUANT TO SELECTED MEAs Note by the Secretariat This Note has been prepared in response to requests from delegations for information on developments in multilateral environmental agreements (MEAs), as set out in WT/CTE/W/144. The Note contains a Matrix on trade measures pursuant to selected MEAs in order to provide information on the provisions of 11 environmental conventions and protocols and one draft agreement. The Matrix is organized in the following manner: the first column states the name, date of adoption and the purpose of the MEA; the second column lists all WTO Members that are, or are not a party to the Agreement; the third column summarizes the trade-related measures in the particular Agreement, notably if there is a requirement or a restriction on imported or exported products or on the process of their importa