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Trade in Services - Macao, China - Draft Consolidated Schedule of Specific Commitments
作者:Macao, China
World Trade Organization S/DCS/W/MAC 24 January 2003 (03-0477) Trade in Services Original: English Macao, CHina Draft consolidated Schedule of Specific Commitments Attached is a draft consolidated version of the Schedule of Specific Commitments of Macao, China in word format. This document does not substitute for the legally binding commitments undertaken by Macao, China in its Schedule of Specific Commitments (GATS/SC/50; GATS/SC/50/Suppl.1) The draft consolidated version of the Schedule was prepared by the Secretariat, at the request of Members, to facilitate the process of negotiations, including the presentation of initial offers. _______________ Macao, China – Schedule of specific commitments Modes of supply: (1) Cross-border supply (2) Consumption abroad (3) Commercial presence (4) Presence of natural persons Sector or Sub-sector Limitations on Market Access Limitations on National Treatment Additional Commitments 1. BUSINE