1996 Changes in the Harmonized System - Schedule LXXXVII - El Salvador - Submission of Documents - Corrigendum
作者:El Salvador
World Trade Organization No. _______________ G/SECRET/HS96/44/Corr.1 12 February 2002 (02-0695) Original: Spanish 1996 changes in the harmonized system Schedule LXXXVII – El Salvador Submission of Documents Corrigendum The following communication, dated 17 January 2002, has been received from the Permanent Mission of El Salvador. _______________ In connection with the process of transposition of the 1996 Harmonized System, I hereby inform you that following consultations with Canada, the tariff nomenclature, according to El Salvador's schedule of accession to the GATT, should be as follows: TARIFF HEADING DESCRIPTION DUTY RATE INITIAL NEGOTIATING RIGHT 4801.00.00 ex Newsprint in rolls 20 CA,NO 4801.00.00 ex Newsprint in sheets 50 CA,NO 4801.00.00 ex Newsprint type paper 50 CA,NO In other words, Canada is granted a 20 per cent initial negotiating right for newsprint in rolls, and for the remaining products under heading 4801, i