2002 Changes in the Harmonized System - Submission of Documentation - Schedule LX - Korea
World Trade Organization No. __________________ G/SECRET/HS02/KOR/1 29 May 2002 (02-2501) Original: English 2002 changes in the harmonized system Submission of Documentation Schedule LX – Korea The following communication, dated 23 April 2002, has been received from the Permanent Delegation of Korea. _______________ On behalf of the Republic of Korea, I am pleased to submit the HS2002 documents. _______________ Copies of the above-mentioned documentation are available in electronic form on the WTO Members Homepage (, go to WTO Resources, then Market Access Schedules on Goods (login), and then to Harmonized System (HS) 02); and in paper form in the Market Access Division (Ms. D. Wood, Office 3142). __________ Pursuant to paragraph 1 of Attachment B of document WT/L/407 entitled "Concessions under the Harmonized Commodity Description and Coding System - A Procedure for Introduction of Harmonized S