Article XXVIII:1 Negotiations - Schedule CXXVII - Grenada - Addendum
World Trade Organization No. ______________ G/SECRET/16/Add.1 11 December 2002 (02-6829) Original: English ARTICLE XXVIII:1 NEGOTIATIONS Schedule CXXVII – Grenada Addendum The following communication, dated 29 November 2002, has been received from Grenada. _______________ By communication dated 30 September 2002, the Government of Grenada stated its intention to enter into Article XXVIII:1 negotiations for the products of headings 02.07 (Meat of Edible Offal of Poultry, fresh, chilled or frozen), and 2203 (Beer, Malt and Stout). Further to this, the Grenada Government hereby indicates the intention to modify the tariff concessions for the above-mentioned headings bound in the Uruguay Round from their present levels to 100%. __________ G/SECRET/16/Add.1 Page 2 G/SECRET/16/Add.1 Page 3