Romania - Measures on Minimum Import Prices - Notification of Mutually Agreed Solution
World Trade Organization WT/DS198/2 G/L/384/Add.1 G/VAL/D/4/Add.1 G/AG/GEN/42/Add.1 2 October 2001 (01-4705) Original: English ROMANIA – MEASURES ON MINIMUM IMPORT PRICES Notification of Mutually Agreed Solution The following communication, dated 26 September 2001, from the Permanent Mission of the United States and the Permanent Mission of Romania to the Chairman of the Dispute Settlement Body, is circulated pursuant to Article 3.6 of the DSU. _______________ The United States of America and Romania wish to notify the Dispute Settlement Body that they have reached a mutually satisfactory solution to the matter raised by the Government of the United States in WT/DS198/1, dated 8 June 2000, concerning the obligations of Romania under the WTO Agreement regarding procedures for determining the customs value of imported goods. Please find attached the text of the exchange of letters dated 25 May 2001 and 26 July 2001 on this subject. We woul