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Coherence in Global Economic Policy-Making: WTO Cooperation with the IMF and the World Bank - Report (2002) by the Director-general
作者:WTO Secretariat
World Trade Organization WT/TF/COH/S/6 26 March 2003 (03-1732) COHERENCE IN GLOBAL ECONOMIC POLICY-MAKING: WTO Cooperation with the IMF and the World Bank Report (2002) by the Director-General This report has been prepared pursuant to paragraph 2 of the General Council Decision on "Agreements Between the WTO, the IMF and the World Bank", to inform Members about the activities carried out by the WTO under its cooperation agreements with the IMF and the World Bank.. The Director-General has identified as one of his priorities increased attention by the WTO to promoting greater coherence in global economic policy-making and co-operating with other intergovernmental organizations to support WTO Members’ activities carried out pursuant to the Doha Ministerial Declaration. He has noted also that the Doha trade negotiations and work programme complement two other major international initiatives related to global economic policy-making, the Monterrey Consensus