Committee on Government Procurement - Checklist of Issues for Provision of Information Relating to Accession to the Agreement on Government Procurement - Replies by Jordan

checklist of issues for provision of information relating to accession to the agreement on government procurement


Replies by Jordan



            The following communication, dated 23 November 2000, has been received from the Permanent Mission of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan with the request that it be circulated to Parties.






1.                  The Government Procurement Regime in Jordan is governed primarily by two Main Legislation:  The Government Works Regulation No. 71 of 1986, issued pursuant to Articles 114 and 120 of the Constitution and the Supplies Regulation No. 32 of 1993, issued pursuant to Article 114 of the Constitution, and the instructions issued pursuant thereto, hereinafter referred to as "National Procurement Legislation".  The two central procuring entities implementing these regulations are the Government Tenders Directorate (GTD) of the Ministry of Public Works and Housing and the General Supplies Department (GSD) of the Ministry of Finance.