Technical Assistance and Capacity Building in the TBT Field - Submission by New Zealand
作者:New Zealand
World Trade Organization G/TBT/W/203 4 April 2003 (03-1872) Committee on Technical Barriers to Trade Original: English TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE AND CAPACITY BUILDING IN THE TBT FIELD Submission by New Zealand I. INTRODUCTION 1. New Zealand supports the development of programmes of technical assistance and capacity building targeted at the specific needs and priorities of developing country Members. In taking note of the Second Triennial Review’s emphasis on enhancing the coordination and cooperation of donor countries and organizations, and in view of the responses to the Secretariat’s survey of developing country Members’ specific needs, New Zealand offers the following observations on its experience in the provision of technical assistance and capacity building on TBT matters. II. BACKGROUND 2. New Zealand contracts Standards New Zealand (SNZ) as its national TBT enquiry point. Since 1998 SNZ has undertaken formal and informal dialogue with st