Committee on Government Procurement - Notification of National Implementing Legislation - Communication from Bulgaria
GPA/49World Trade Organization GPA/49 15 May 2001 (01-2484) Committee on Government Procurement Original: English notification of national implementing legislation Communication from Bulgaria The following communication has been received from the Permanent Mission of the Republic of Bulgaria with the request that it be circulated to the Committee on Government Procurement. _______________ With reference to the process of the accession of Bulgaria to the Agreement on Government Procurement, the following Bulgarian legislation* in the field of government procurement is being circulated to the Parties to the Agreement: - Public Procurement Law of 25 June 1999; - Regulation on keeping the Public Procurement Register of 1 November 2000; - Regulation on Awarding of Public Procurement Contracts below the Thresholds Set Out in Article 7, Paragraph 1 of the Public Procurement Law of 5 May 2000. REPUBLIC OF BULGARIA NATIONAL ASS