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Council for Trade in Services - Working Party on Domestic Regulation - Communication from Australia - Professional Recognition in Australia
S/WPDR/W/28World Trade Organization RESTRICTED S/WPDR/W/28 22 June 2004 (04-2694) Working Party on Domestic Regulation Original: English COMMUNICATION FROM AUSTRALIA Professional Recognition in Australia The following communication, dated 21 June 2004 from the delegation of Australia, is being circulated to the Members of the Working Party on Domestic Regulation. _______________ Professional Regulation in Australia A profession may be defined as an occupation that requires the theoretical and practical application of a body of specialised knowledge gained through a specialised academic tertiary qualification generally at degree level or higher and, in some cases, relevant experience. The term profession also refers to the body of people in such an occupation. Professional regulation helps ensure that professional services are provided by an individual with the appropriate knowledge, skills and experience, and that professional services are pro