Derestriction of Documents
作者:WTO Secretariat
World Trade Organization GPA/W/288 18 December 2003 (03-6661) Committee on Government Procurement derestriction of documents In accordance with the Decision on the procedures for the circulation and derestriction of documents adopted by the Committee on 8 October 2002 (GPA/72), the following documents circulated as restricted prior to that Decision are proposed for derestriction on 23 January 2004. GPA/W/-series GPA/W/12/Add.8 GPA/W/29 GPA/W/35/Rev.1 GPA/W/36 GPA/W/51, GPA/W/51/Add.1, GPA/W/51/Add.2 GPA/W/52 GPA/W/73, GPA/W/73/Rev.1, GPA/W/73/Rev.2 GPA/W/101/Add.4 to 9 GPA/W/106, GPA/W/106/Corr.1 GPA/W/109, GPA/W/109/Rev.1, GPA/W/109/Rev.2 GPA/W/114 GPA/W/140 GPA/W/142 GPA/W/143 GPA/W/147 GPA/W/148 GPA/W/150 GPA/W/154 GPA/W/157 GPA/W/203 The lists of documents circulated prior to the said Decision and which have been previously derestricted are contained in documents GPA/24, GPA/26, GPA/31, GPA/45, GPA/64 and