Committee on Government Procurement - Review of the Agreement on Government Procurement - Statistical Reporting Requirements under Article XIX.5 - Submission by the United States
作者:United States
World Trade Organization GPA/W/86 29 June 1999 (99-2690) Committee on Government Procurement Original: English REVIEW OF THE AGREEMENT ON GOVERNMENT PROCUREMENT Statistical Reporting Requirements under Article XIX:5 Submission by the United States Introduction Discussions in the Committee on potential revision to the statistical reporting requirements under Article XIX:5 are well advanced. There appears to be general agreement among GPA Members that the current statistical reporting requirements are overly burdensome and in need of revision. The work of the Chair and the Secretariat in collecting Members' views and presenting them in the form of draft revisions of the text of Article XIX:5 has helped advance the Committee's work in this area. The purpose of this informal submission is to contribute to the Committee's discussion of revising the statistical reporting requirements of Article XIX:5 by seeking to better clarify how the revised stati