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Technical Note on the Accession Process - Note by the Secretariat - Revision
作者:WTO Secretariat
World Trade Organization WT/ACC/10/Rev.1 28 May 2003 (03-2861) TECHNICAL NOTE ON THE ACCESSION PROCESS Note by the Secretariat Revision The present paper has been updated by the Secretariat to reflect recent accessions. This paper was originally produced in response to a request by the General Council for a Technical Note on the Accession Process (WT/GC/M/32). This paper contains information on completed accessions. Information on current accessions applications and Working Parties is now contained in document WT/ACC/11 and subsequent revisions. _______________ Table of contents I. Overview 1 II. Introduction 4 III. Relevant WTO Provisions 8 IV. The Accession Process 9 A. General 9 1. Procedures 9 2. Status of Accession Working Parties 10 B. Establishment of Working Party 13 C. Collection of Factual Information on Acceding Government's Trade Regime 14 1. Memorandum 14 2. Copies of legis