Review of the IDB and IDB Related Technical Assistance Activities - Note by the Secretariat - Revision
作者:WTO Secretariat
World Trade Organization G/MA/IDB/W/5/Rev.2 2 October 2000 (00-3990) Committee on Market Access REVIEW OF THE IDB AND IDB RELATED TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE ACTIVITIES Note by the Secretariat Revision As background for the discussions of the Committee on Market Access, an update of G/MA/IDB/W/5/Rev.1 reflecting the situation as of 27 September 2000, has been prepared by the Secretariat and is contained in the present document. A. INTRODUCTION 1. The purpose of this note is to provide factual information to assist Members in their review of the operation of the Integrated Data Base (IDB) and related technical assistance activities in accordance with p aragraph 19 of the document on IDB dissemination policy (Dissemination of the Integrated Data Base, G/MA/IDB/3 of 1 June 1999). 2. Paragraph 19 of the Dissemination document states "In light of the need to assure the broadest possible participation of Members in the IDB and full compliance with the 16 Jul