Notifications of Reverse Notification of Non-Tariff Measures (G/L/60) - Note by the Secretariat
作者:WTO Secretariat
World Trade Organization RESTRICTED G/MA/NTM/W/3 20 December 2000 (00-5537) Committee on Market Access NOTIFICATIONS UNDER THE DECISION ON REVERSE NOTIFICATION OF NON-TARIFF MEASURES (G/L/60) Note by the Secretariat 1. Following the Decision on Reverse Notification of Non-Tariff Measures, adopted by the Council for Trade in Goods (G/L/60), Members shall have the possibility of making notifications of non-tariff measures maintained by other Members in so far as such measures are neither subject to any existing WTO notification obligations nor to any other reverse notification possibilities under the WTO Agreement. The Member maintaining the measures shall comment on each of the points contained in the notification. Such comments shall be included in the Inventory together with the notification. In cases where the inclusion of the contents of the notification is challenged, further information will be sought from the notifying member. In these cases, the