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Conceptual Proposal for an ITA Symposium on Recent Trends and Developments in the Information Technology Sector - Com[...]m the United States and Canada
作者:United States and Canada
World Trade Organization G/IT/W/10 26 February 2004 (04-0809) Committee of Participants on the Expansion of Trade in Information Technology Products Original: English CONCEPTUAL PROPOSAL FOR AN ITA SYMPOSIUM ON RECENT TRENDS AND DEVELOPMENTS IN THE INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY SECTOR Communication from the United States and Canada The following communication, dated 25 February 2004, is being circulated at the request of the Delegations of the United States and Canada. _______________ Background The information technology sector is one of the most dynamic sectors in the global economy. Technological development advances at such a fast pace, the lifecycles of products is often less than two years. It is difficult for governments, including those most active in the Information Technology Agreement, which was negotiated in 1997, to keep pace with the trends in this rapidly changing sector and to find ways to take advantage of the ITA’s benefits.