Committee on Government Procurement - Proposed Modifications to Appendix I of Japan - Communication from Japan Pursuant to Article XXIV:6(a) of the GPA
GPA/MOD/JPN/3World Trade Organization RESTRICTED GPA/MOD/JPN/3 17 March 2004 (04-1173) Committee on Government Procurement Original: English proposed modifications to appendix i of japan Communication from Japan pursuant to Article XXIV:6(a) of the GPA The following communication, dated 12 March 2004, from the Delegation of Japan is being circulated to the Parties to the Agreement on Government Procurement. _______________ Pursuant to Article XXIV, paragraph 6(a) of the Agreement on Government Procurement, the Government of Japan wishes to notify the Committee on Government Procurement the following modifications of a purely formal nature relating to Annex 3 of Appendix I of the Agreement on Government Procurement: - Delete "Japan Environment Corporation" and "Pollution-Related Health Damage Compensation Association" from "List of Entities" and "List of Entities which procure the services, specified in Annex 4". - Add "Japan Environmental