Committee on Government Procurement - Minutes of the Meeting Held on 23 April 2003
作者:WTO Secretariat
GPA/M/22World Trade Organization RESTRICTED GPA/M/22 11 May 2004 (04-2085) Committee on Government Procurement MINUTES OF THE MEETING HELD ON 23 April 2003 Chairman: Mr. Niklas Bergström (Sweden) The Committee adopted the following agenda: A. Request for Observer Status B. Negotiations under Article XXIV:7 C. Modifications to the Appendices to the Agreement (i) Notification from the European Communities (ii) Other modifications D. Accessions E. Review of National Implementing Legislation F. Other Business The Chairman noted that the provisional agenda had been circulated in Airgram WTO/AIR/2283 of 5 April 2004, and that Parties had been sent an Annotated Agenda (Job No. 2372, dated 7 April 2004). request for observer status As the first item, the Chairman referred to Sri Lanka's request for observer status (GPA/W/292, dated 6 April 2004). The Committee approved that request. negotiations under article xxiv:7 Summarizing work undertaken