Trade Facilitation in the WTO: Benefits of a Rules-Based System - Communication from Australia
World Trade Organization G/C/W/466 12 June 2003 (03-3063) Council for Trade in Goods Original: English TRADE FACILITATION IN THE WTO: BENEFITS OF A RULES-BASED SYSTEM Communication from Australia The following communication, dated 11 June 2003, has been received from the Mission of Australia. _______________ Introduction This paper forms part of Australia’s contribution to the WTO Council for Trade in Goods (CTG) discussions on the Doha work programme on trade facilitation in the lead up to the Fifth Ministerial Conference in Cancun. Previous CTG discussions highlight broad agreement about the benefits that can be achieved through implementing trade facilitation measures. However, there are some differing views on whether strengthened WTO rules are necessary to achieve these benefits. Some members question the need to revise Articles V, VIII and X of GATT 1994, or to negotiate additional commitments, as these outcomes could be achieved on a