Communication from the European Communities on WTO Trade Facilitation: Information on Trade Related Assistance by the EC and its Member States - Revision
作者:EC and its Member States
World Trade Organization G/C/W/442/Rev.1 10 March 2003 (03-1347) Council for Trade in Goods Original: English/ French COMMUNICATION FROM THE EUROPEAN COMMUNITIES ON WTO TRADE FACILITATION: INFORMATION ON TRADE RELATED ASSISTANCE BY THE EC AND ITS MEMBER STATES Revision The following communication, dated 6 March 2003, has been received from the Permanent Delegation of the European Commission. _______________ WTO Members will find attached a revised version of document G/C/W/442 of 4 December 2002. The document has been updated to provide a more complete picture of recent and forthcoming technical assistance provided by the EC and its Member States in the field of trade facilitation. In particular, further information has been given regarding programmes with ACP Countries and additional programmes by Member States have been included. The EC will continue to update this information periodically. _______________ trade-related